Full Name
Chris Eamiguel
Creative Solutions in Healthcare
Chris Eamiguel holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington, where he graduated in December of 2013. Chris began his career in long-term care as a Financial Intern at Creative Solutions in Healthcare. As he began taking on more responsibility, Chris quickly moved into a leadership role. He has a diverse financial background, including roles as a Financial Analyst, Treasurer, and Director of Operational Analytics. His industry knowledge and analytical ability ultimately lead him to become the Founder of Data IQ, a business intelligence company now servicing thousands of long-term care communities across the country. Chris stepped in as Creative Solutions in Healthcare’s Chief Financial Officer in December of 2021. Today, Chris is our strategic financial leadership, managing all of the company’s investment & capital, revenue, cost management and efficiency, financial reporting, planning, and acquisition initiatives.
Chris Eamiguel