Full Name
Allison Spangler
President & CEO
Utah Health Care Association
Allison Spangler began her career in long term care as a Certified Nursing Assistant while in high school. She fell in love with the elderly population and enjoyed her four years in direct care. She quickly realized skilled nursing was the route she wanted to take and began pursuing education to return to the field as an Administrator. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Management, and a Masters of Business Administration in Healthcare Management.

Allison went on to be an Administrator of a Skilled Nursing Facility in Utah where she was able to follow her passion of long-term care and work towards quality care for the residents.
In 2015, Allison made the move to the Utah Health Care Association (UHCA) overseeing membership and education.

After 6 years, Allison was then hired to be the President/CEO of UHCA where she finds pride in making a global impact on nursing homes and long-term care providers in the state. In addition, over the last 3 years she has been successful in securing historical Medicaid rate increases.
Allison Spangler