Full Name
Carma Matti-Jackson
President & CEO
Washington Health Care Association
Carma Matti-Jackson is the President/CEO of Washington Health Care Association (WHCA), a nonprofit association representing the policy and funding interests of Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living providers. She has worked with government regulations, budget, and finance since 2004.

Prior to coming to WHCA, Carma worked seven years at the Washington State Legislature as senior fiscal staff where her budget and policy portfolio included long term care, behavioral health, medical assistance, and corrections. This was preceded by five years at the Department of Social and Health Services, first as a Senior Budget Analyst followed by the Assistant Chief of Finance and Rates for the Behavioral Health Division. Upon leaving public service, Carma worked as a consultant on behalf of stakeholders in the development of a new Skilled Nursing Facility Medicaid payment system that was adopted in statute in 2016 and a new Assisted Living Medicaid payment system that was adopted in statute in 2018. She also provided data analytics to the Nursing Commission’s Long Term Care Workforce Committee and was instrumental in data-driven storytelling that has brought long term care workforce issues to the forefront.

Carma has over 20 years cumulative experience in project management and public relations. She holds a Master in Business Administration and a Bachelor in Public Relations.
Carma Matti-Jackson